Re: New FSL

Steve Ratzlaff

Hi Dean,

OK, sounds like you're having fun experimenting. Please remember, though, there's a lot of good info on FSLs in the Files section. Other folks have already determined some things to do for FSLs, unless you just like to do your own experimenting and figure stuff out on your own.

Happy experimenting!



On 2/14/2017 10:07 PM, dean_0_way@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

hi Steve:

No i didn't use litz ,just some stranded wire i had around ,i'm thinking i'll try to use litz on the next ones ,after i've done some research about which size to use ,there is conflicting info on wire for small loops .

So far i've built about 3 air core loops from this wire a 16 inch ,a four foot(which no longer exists) ,and the fsl.

I also want to experiment with the spacing of the wire coil on the ferrite , might not make a difference but ?

Most of the coils i've seen have  no spacing on the ferrite rod  ?

Also i might try a LW model?


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