Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, 1610 (tentative) in South Brazil <huelbe_garcia@...>


1610 25/02 0430 Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, tentative. OM at 0430, some music and phone number announcement at 0435, YL at 0438. Strong fading, 1 or 2 min every 10min of usable audio. SRF-59 barefoot. 5480km / 3405 miles.

Actually it was a surprise to hear an english transmission here in Porto Alegre (South Brazil) using an Degen DE1103. Other SWL in Brazil heard this station, but they had better conditions (distance, QRM). Then I tried using SRF-59 and... it was there!

I cannot id the station as the audio was toooo low (too much QRM, too faint signal). For a few periods, however, it was possible to hear full sentences.

Degen 1103 recovered the audio before SRF59 (maybe due its bigger ferrite antenna) and also has better selectivity. SRF-59 is behind, but not that much :)

I would love to hear a few remarks on 1610 amazing receptions these days. Is something related to ionosphere, location or they are testing a new transmitter facility?


Huelbe Garcia
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
50S, 30W

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