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Steve Ratzlaff

Hi Dean O,

Congrats on your new FSL! That's a serious size, 8" and should work really well for you. Did you use Litz wire for the coil?



On 2/14/2017 7:20 PM, dean_0_way@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

Gary :
I want to thank you for all your work on these fantastic loops!

I think i discovered Maynards article some 4-5 years ago but only lately got the parts to finally  build one for myself.

Having just finished my first one a couple weeks ago ,an 8 incher with rods ,I have several ideas I want to try for the next one, or ones ? :P

Through a little experimenting i also found out that this FSL works as a wave trap. I have a 1000w station 2 blocks away that can swamp some of my radio's and the other night I got the FSL to nearly kill that station,I can now dx up to within 10 khx of that signal.

I guess I should explain, the nearby signal was getting into the front end of my radio ,in spite of careful grounding of my outside antennas .

So all I need do is place the FSL on top of the radio and carefully tune to that freq and then some times i can hear other stations there .

 Anyway thanks!


Grundig Satellit 600 Pro
Pixel Pro 1A Loop & rotator
MFJ Active vertical , (for phasing against the loop)
Sony ICF 2010
Tecsun PL600
8 inch FSL

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