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franktowntrain wrote:

Hi Robert, I have been following your posts for a few days now and am
wondering how you like using the Sony SRF-615. I read a post in by you (can't find it this AM) but I thought you said you got
back into DXing a little over a year ago with an SRF-59. I'm using an
SRF-59 but find the analog tuning difficult. How do you compare the
two? The price is stopping me at the moment from getting a 615.
Best regards
Jack Leonard

Hi Jack:

Welcome to the Group..and thanks for writing.....

I started out DXing with an SRF-59 in Jan/2008....but I switiched over to the SONY SRF-T615 about the beginning of Feb/2008. The SRF-59 is a GREAT Little Pocket Radio....But I wanted something with a DIGITAL READOUT for ease of Tuning.

I have been using the SRF-T615 ever since..and Boy am I glad I switched!! I just bought a 2nd One last month.....for a Back Up just in Case!! In my Opinion...It is the Best STOCK ULR going!! Some will argue that point........but there are others who will surely back me on this. It is a little (Or a LOT) on the expensive side.....but I don't regret buying 2 of them...and even with all the other sets I have is still the one I always reach to for most of my DX!!

It's a Killer little Machine.......and probably one of the most ergonomic ULRs out there.

My Log Totals using this Radio....along with a few others from time to time is now 644 Stations Heard in 26 Months of ULR DXing.

Perhaps some of the other T615 Owners will chime in here...and tell you what they think of their T615's??!! The more opinions the Merrier...but I don't think you'd be disappointed...other than having to spend a few Extra Bucks Jack!!

The T615 has already been discussed a few times on the ULR Reflector Jack...if you check some of the back should see the messages about the T615.......


Robert S. Ross VA3SW London, Ontario CANADA

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