Re: 1610 kHz UnID Spanish Blaster

Andy ZL3AG

Hmmm. Actually, I'll change the number

416 782 2953

Which appears to be the Anglican Diocese Of Toronto.

On 2/02/2017, at 10:09 PM, Andy ZL3AG zl3ag@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

Haven't got any headphones handy, but part of the Spanish sounded like "call our sales dept, 411 982 2953" 411 is a Canadian area code?

On 2/02/2017, at 9:59 PM, @dxergary [ultralightdx] wrote:

During early morning antenna testing at 1145 on 12-17 a mystery Spanish station calling itself "La Voz de la Communidad" pounded in at awesome strength on 1610 kHz-- which is normally a pretty sedate frequency here in western Washington state. At S9 strength for several minutes, the station featured an English-language public service message at the beginning of this MP3, followed by the Spanish "La Voz de la Communidad" ID.

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