Re: Hi from a new member with a question. (coil spacing off the ferrite)


Thanks very much for all the replies to my question.
I will remove the winding and add something to give the correct "air gap" to 1/4"-5/16", and see how that goes, I will also get a hold of some Litz wire as I have seen it on ebay.

I have been using my ferrite sleeve antenna most of the day to listen to Radio Caroline live from the MV Ross Revenge via Manx Radio in the Isle of Man on 1368 kHz AM.
I am over 100 miles from the Isle of Man, but with my ferrite sleeve antenna or one of my air core loops the ground wave signal is good readable at my location in Scotland.

Thanks very much again for the help and advice.

On Sunday, 29 January 2017, 15:07, "Steve Ratzlaff ratzlaffsteve@... [ultralightdx]" wrote:

Hi Steven,
Congrats on your first FSL success. Some of us have determined, back when FSLs were first heard about and lots of experimentation was going on, that the coil should be spaced about 1/4" to about 5/16" off the ferrite for optimum FSL performance. Use of a low loss material, with styrofoam being optimum, to space the coil off the ferrite also helps. (And of course using Litz wire for the coil helps even more, if you can obtain/afford that.)

On 1/29/2017 5:50 AM, mont633@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

My question is, how importaint is the "air gap" between the outer of the ferrite rods and the coil or winding over the top of the ferrite rods.
At present I have just wound approx 20 turns of insulated wire over the top of the duct tape that is holding the ferrite rods over the cardboard loop out of a roll of wide wasking tape.

Results are good, but I was wondering if reception would improve any with the 5 mm or so air gap between the ferrite rods and the winding.

Thanks very much in advance for any help or info.

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