Re: Eton E100 Performs Well with 7" Loopstick Transplant

Gary DeBock

Hey Kevin,
     I remember that stuck loopstick of your E100 very well.  The good news is that any stuck, crippled, mangled or broken loopstick is a **perfect** candidate for a transplant!  And the E100 is undoubtedly the easiest Ultralight upon which to perform a loopstick transplant-- it's almost like somebody designed it for just that purpose.
     There is only one coil with two, easily accessible connections.  Contrast that with the SRF-39FP (four tight connections to a tapped double-coil arrangement) and the DT-200VX (four micro-circuit connections to a piggybacked double-coil arrangement).
    Transplanting a loopstick into the E100 is so simple, I could probably teach my 8-year old son to do it.  If any one has ever dreamed of doing a loopstick transplant, THIS is the radio to guarantee success.  Just secure your 7" replacement loopstick on eBay (Channel Master Super Fringe model 6515), and perform two easy solder connections.  The performance improvement is fantastic, because the stock loopstick is really a flat, mediocre design extremely skimpy on ferrite.  The 530-Tacoma TIS that sounds so pathetic on a stock unit has a nuclear-level signal on the 7" loopstick  :>)
                                                                              73,  Gary   

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