American morning on the AM band




lots of good propagation from North America this morning 06-07 UTC (07-08 hours French Time) on my Tecsun ultralight :


*1560 khz religious talks and hymns, tentative WFME New York City "family radio"


*1600 khz ranchera music, announces in Spanish WUNR Brookline, Boston,MA // Website synchro


*1390 khz English news, presumed WEGP Presqu'ile ME


*1570 khz pop songs, no talk, presumed CJLV Laval, CAN


*1400 khz news in English , presumed CBG Gander, NLD, CAN


*1510 khz, unid sports in English


*1520 khz presumed WWKB Buffalo


*1430 khz presumed CHKT Toronto, CAN


patrice (Beauvais)




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