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Guy Atkins

​In addition, I believe the rules also specify that the radio cannot have SSB or have a retail cost of over $100 USD. This is because the intent of the Ultralight category is for pursuing the challenges of DXing with a simple "consumer grade" portable, not a specialized hobby radio

Initially, radios with multiple bandwidths were excluded, but with the introduction of the DSP-based portables with 3, 4, or 5 bandwidths this requirement was eliminated.

Anyway, that's my Ultralight story and I'm sticking to it! Full details and Ultralight requirements can be found in the early messages of this Yahoo group, or possibly as a document in the Files section.


Guy Atkins
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Re: Eligible Radios

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Basically, the "rules" are defined in inches, Height X Width X Depth has to be 20 or less (20 cubic inches or less).
For cm its 328cc or less.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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