Re: HLAZ-1566 , the video of last night.

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First and foremost is an outdoors antenna away from the ambient RFI/Noise in the interior of your residence.

Also since you are into MW a store bought Loop will help out in nulling out interference, noise or other stations 
Use a simple Antenna Tuner to give you another Tuned Circuit up front. 

Next is to consider pre-amplification, a tuneable Pre-selector or a Low Noise wide band amplifier. 

73 Jordan ve7jjd 

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I was an old CB and SW DXer years ago and just recently in the last few months got back into the serious hobby I always loved...

I own a Kaito 911, Tecsun R9012, and finally the digital Tecsun  DR920c which I am VERY HAPPY WITH since its as capable as the other 2 in reception and nulling signals even at night! :-)

Question: Next to the Tecsun PL380s most of you have... What MORE can I do for DXing these long range signals on AM??? Do I purchase AN100 loop and that will boost my reception on the DR920c???

I love my DR920c because its digital and very sensitive performer even on AM as I pick up stations 500miles away and even Chicago from Laconia, NH...

Any suggestions would be helpful... This radio is REALLY GOOD!


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Très impressionant, Patrice!

If ever the internet comes crashing down,
uldxers will be among the few still with an
ear on the world!

Michael in Brexit-Land :-)

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> my reception of HLAZ-1566, Cheju-do, Korea, last night;
> distance : 9,280 km.
> Patrice in Beauvais

73 Jordan VE7JJD

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