For Sale are 2 each 7.5" X 7.5" FSL

Everett N4CY

I have for sale 2 each 7.5" X 7.5" FSL. The FSLs are wound in a 2 coil  Polydoroff configuration using 660/46 Litz wire. The variable capacitors are the high Q, dual gang Russian made unites. There are 123 pieces of 62X 12 X 4 mm Russian ferrite bars used that make up the ferrite drum. There is a band switch so the second gang of the variable capacitor can be switched in for extended band coverage. The FSL is mounted on a Lazy Susan base.
Band (1) tunes from 2,000 to 420 KHz and Band (2) tunes from 575 to 275 KHz. The tuning is sharp and the rotational nulls are quite sharp. The FSL is setup for induction coupling only. In testing both of these FSLs they perform  far better than my 1 meter hex loop.
I am asking $375, plus what ever the shipping cost would be. Below are pictures of the FSL. If interested please contact me off list everettsharp@....
These two FSLs will be the last that I will for sale, as I have used up all of the ferrite bars that I had on hand. I decided to build these two FSLs using the Polydoroff configuration because it is the best performing design I have found based on prior experiments.
Everett N4CY

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