Oklahoma TP DX 10/22/16


Little was heard here again this morning.  There seemed to be a mixed bag of TP & DU signals.
612 4QR? carrier in KCSP-610 slop at 1221.
702 2BL? carrier in XEGD-700 splash at 1219-1247 (LSR 1246).
774 JOUB barely audible talk at 1001; barely audible to poor talk fading in & out at 1152-1218.
774 3LO? carrier from WSW at 1246.
828 JOBB? het at 1218-1245.
1098 V7AB? carrier (no audio) at 1104-1134 with WSCI and WTAM-1100 QRM.

The bright spot of the session was hearing WSCI-1100, Springfield TN, for the first time with an ID at 1133.  It's probably the source of the music I've been hearing while monitoring 1098 the past few days.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
C Crane Skywave with 8-inch FSL.

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