Re: Seeking Recommendation for Radio Purchase


PS- I forget to mention, ANY portable with an indoor antenna is subject to radio noise in a home. A radio with a larger speaker can be heard across a room better. Experiment looking for the quietest spot in the room on a particular radio station, and by shutting off things you can to see if that helps. Using batteries is usually quieter, so battery life is important, and generally every SONY is very easy on batteries. Jay has an excellent section on fighting radio noise.

If you do go for SW, SONY makes an indoor amplified SW loop antenna. It goes near a window or away from radio noise. It is not an outdoor antenna, but if you have a quiet spot across the room from where you want to sit and operate a radio, it should add more SW stations with listen able sound. If you are on the east coast hearing Europe is not too difficult. The farther west you are, I have heard people say SW from Europe is much weaker.

I think your goal is a radio which sounds best and hears many stations well, rather than a radio made to hear the most weak and distant stations, which is more what this group is about. Just something to keep in mind when reading posts here.

Good luck on your quest! - FARMERIK

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