DIY - Stealth Radio Scanning / ParkRXing Bag

Paul Blundell

An update to my previous "stealth Ultralight DXing Bag" from early 2014.

Over the years while involved in the radio scanning / amateur radio / ultralight DXing hobbies I have used a number of different bags and cases for carrying my assorted radios and associated bits and pieces. Some of these bags and cases have worked very well, others have not for various reasons. These can be found on my various blogs.

With the recent launch of the ParkRXing awards program, I have again returned to my love of portable operation, this has meant finding a suitable carry case or bag for my radios to undertaken these activities in parks and other locations.

Based on my experience in the past, I ruled out using a “hard” case due to the unwanted attention they can bring plus size and cost. Soft camera bags like I have used in the past do not offer a suitable level of protection and can also make you standout. With this in mind I have recently been on the lookout for ideas to make a suitable carrying system that is “low profile”.

Recently I was at our local Kmart store and found a large padded lunch bag, this was a good size and had enough space for two radios and accessories. On the shelf nearby was a number of cheap plastic storage containers, I tried a few different ones until I found one that was a good fit for this padded lunch bag. I also purchased some heavy duty black tape and two smaller plastic storage containers. Total cost was $19.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on this when and as time has allowed. The first step was to measure up the plastic storage container for size. I then cut some pieces of timber to suit and wrapped these in bubble wrap and tape. Next these were attached to the plastic storage container with some screws. The plastic storage container was then screwed to the padded lunch bag from the bottom with a washer on each screw to stop them pulling. I then attached the lid of the plastic storage container with some heavy duty tape. Finally I used two cable ties to create a loop on each side which connects in to the side of the bag and the plastic storage container.

Over all for less than $20 and a couple of hours of time I have a very low profile bag which provides a good level of protection and blends in, looking like nothing more than a padded lunch bag.

Photos: DIY - Stealth Radio Scanning / ParkRXing Bag

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