Re: Ferrite rod diameter performance

Steve Ratzlaff

Please note that this info about ferrite length only applies to a ferrite sleeve loop (FSL). For a non-FSL, such as a standard ferrite rod loopstick, diameter of the rod as well as length of the rod determines overall sensitivity, with larger diameter as well as longer rod length giving better sensitivity.


Steve AA7U

(with extensive experimentation in FSL and loopsticks)

On 9/8/2016 9:09 AM, bill@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

There is an excellent tutorial on ferrite bar performance in varying
configurations at:

Their #1 conclusion was:
"1) There is no weak-signal advantage to be gained by using either
ferrite bars or ferrite rods. The only performance factor related to
ferrite is the length of the ferrite material, whether it is in bar or rod
form. For a given FSL coil diameter, as long as the ferrite permeability
is identical, longer ferrite material will always outperform shorter
ferrite material, and the weight and thickness of the ferrite material is
irrelevant to weak-signal performance (this was proven in seven FSL match

Bill Slugg
Albany, GA

> Can anyone tell me if there would be much performance difference using
> a 1/4" vs 3/8" diameter rod?> Thanks
> Gord

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