Oregon Cliff (Rockwork 4) Ultralight DU's for 8-6-- The Land of Oz

Gary DeBock

Typical Kiwi-slanted propagation took a day off at the plunging ocean cliff this morning as elevated solar activity made Australian DX the order of the day. Oz big guns on 576, 594, 702, 774 and 792 pushed the NZ regulars off of their frequencies, while 558, 585 (two Oz stations), 639 and 675 featured unusual (for the cliff) Australian DX of varying strength.

The session started off at 1100 with a mediocre 1017-Tonga already in its sign-off routine (rather early for its late Saturday night pattern). Prior to sunrise enhancement the session sounded very ordinary, with only 531-PI showing much staying power (in a mix with a presumed 4KZ). Unlike yesterday the Kiwi big guns never really got untracked, and by 1230 it was obvious that it would be an Australian-dominated session, with the Oz big guns on 594, 702, 774 and 792 in and out with powerful signals. At 1254 a fair-strength DU English station on 585 wasn't // with 576 or 603 (indicating 2WEB) but by 1305 it was replaced by another Oz station definitely // 792 (585-7RN). Around 1300 the most interesting Oz station showed up on 558 with DU English under domestic splatter, but the splatter was too rough to track down a parallel. 639 delivered a DU English mix of 5CK // 891 and apparent 2CH around 1312 , along with some mystery electrical noise. Finally around 1328 a weak DU English mix showed up on 675 as an unusually anemic RNZ was pestered by a likely 2CO. One interesting mystery was island-type music under a potent 774-3LO around 1227 (heard before here, but never ID'ed), and of course the ABC-sounding Oz station on 558 under splatter-- quite possibly a repeat appearance from 6WA (heard by three of us here a year ago) . Best signals of the session were all from Oz, with 792-4RN the overall winner around 1305. 

585  7RN   Hobart, Australia   RN network jazz music // 792 at 1305 (the parallel MP3 from the stronger 792-4RN is linked below)
594  3WV   Horsham, Australia   Pop music at strong level // 774 at 1242; the usual Kiwi regular Rhema was MIA all morning

639  5CK   Port Pirie, Australia   Female ABC commentary // 891 at 1312; apparent commercial station (2CH?) and mystery noise underneath

738  Radio Polynesie   Mahina, Tahiti   The usual powerhouse signal with R&B music at 1317; 2NR strangely absent

774  3LO   Melbourne, Australia   Potent level sports play-by-play recording with mystery island music station (and speech late on) at 1227-- Philippines?

792  4RN   Brisbane, Australia   Jazz music at potent level // 585 at 1305; the usual Kiwi occupant Radio Sport was evicted for the duration

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (DXing at the Rockwork 4 ocean cliff near Manzanita, Oregon, USA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralights (3) +
17" and 15" DXpedition FSL antennas

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