Re: A new approach to building a Ferrite Sleeve Loop (FSL) antenna

Alex P


Wondering if you could elaborate in further detail about part of your post:

  "...I have an older radio That has a cardboard tube in it about the size of a paper towel roll , that is actually powered by the plug in ,don't ask how i know this :P but i'm pretty sure it has a coating of iron powder on it ,it was made that way to cancel the static that gets to the Ferrite antenna..."

 As I interpret what you wrote:

1) A ferrite/iron powder cylinder encompasses the ferrite rod.
2) The encompassed ferrite rod is the antenna.
3) The ferrite/iron powder cylinder is electrically connected and powered by some electronic circuit of the radio.
4) Bullets 1,2 and 3 act as a system to cancel 'static' before it gets to the ferrite rod antenna.

A photo or sketch of this setup and electronic circuit would be appreciated.


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