Re: A new approach to building a Ferrite Sleeve Loop (FSL) antenna

Dean Wayman

Felix :
Hi ,as a brand new member I am very interested in this  idea , having just purchased some Ferrite rods from the net, in anticipation of building a 5-8 inch loop .
I'm not sure how i found that article from Maynard long ago but I've been thinking on it for several years and now have decided to go ahead and test the loop myself.
I think I've seen most of Gary's Vids on U-tube, great stuff !
A couple things come to mind ,in order to pulverize the Ferrite, one way would be to take a heavy wall piece of steel pipe and another piece that fits just inside of it and use it as a pounding press , I've seen people do this for gold refining ,another crazy idea would be some kind of hammer mill ,however it might be a problem considering the volume of material and losses ,but what a great idea ?
A person could purchase any rods,bars and grind/smash, them up .what permability do you think is best ? or have we thought that isn't very important ?
I have an older radio That has a cardboard tube in it about the size of a paper towel roll , that is actually powered by the plug in ,don't ask how i know this :P but i'm pretty sure it has a coating of iron powder on it ,it was made that way to cancel the static that gets to the Ferrite antenna ,not sure how the whole thing works but if they had a way to make this component surely we can reproduce it ? ,maybe on a piece of the heavy cardboard  like carpet comes on ?
Having said all that I'll have to wait until i have built the rod loop and then i may try to make a version like you suggest .Good Luck :P

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