MWDX Notes - 15 Jul 2016

Steve Ponder <stephen_ponder@...>

Here are notes from my most recent DX'ing session:

MWDX Notes - 15 Jul 2016
All times CDT
Receiver(s) used - CCrane Pocket Radio

0215 AM || 740 kHz
Noted that local KTRH was a no-show on 740 kHz, so started listening with the CCrane Pocket Radio. KTRH being off is a rarity. Around 0220 AM, I heard a weak "740 KRMG" ID from the co-channel station in Tulsa, OK. KRMG's nighttime coverage pattern shows a "splinter" lobe toward Houston, but their signal was barely above the noise level. KTFS, the co-channel station in Texarkana, TX, was not heard, nor was it expected to be, since its coverage pattern indicates strong protection for KTRH.

0305 AM || 1600 kHz
Noticed quiet conditions toward the top of the band, so I camped out on 1600 kHz. At 0305 AM, a station playing Tejano/Norteño music faded above the noise level. At 0306 AM, the station played an English-language ID with a male announcer - "From the Live Music Capital of the World, this is AM 1600 KOKE." I don't think I've heard this station before, so for now, KOKE 1600 in Pflugerville goes into the "sandbox" section of my logbook.

Web Resource(s) Used and/or Found 
Here is a really good and informative web page that I found … again … while I was DX'ing. I used the descriptor "again" because I had bookmarked the link years ago, but lost it when my old PC crashed. Ugh …

I don't know of any other state that puts out a page of information like this! Bookmark it now!!

73 & Good DX,

Steve Ponder, N5WBI
Houston, TX

"We grow too soon old and too late smart." - Dutch Proverb

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