Re: VITE VT-111 ordered


RE: <<  qa1433: I agree with you. I have the 390 what a good receiver on all bands. Just with its regular antennas it pulls in the AM, FM longwave becons and shortwave. I am very pleased with it.  Do wish the sound quality was a bit better. But from such small speakers it is OK.  >>

I humbly agree again on the Tecsun PL-390. I think we all pine for certain models "if only they thought to add this and that...", yet the very few items "missing in action" on the PL-390 would have been a line-out jack -- which is possible for technical savvy users to neatly and properly add in -- and SSB.

The inclusion of a transformer-based AC adapter would have been nice, yet it's possible to fashion OR procure a transformer / linear type AC adapter that satisfies the PL-390's mini-USB port power needs.

May I note here: NEVER use a switching AC adapter...yes, they are lighter, yet far too much noise, RFI / EMI hash and sometimes even multiple power adapter related "harmonic noise images".

However, for what the 390 DOES offer, it is pretty impressive... and yes, the speakers are only approaching "usable" and that "limitation" is not a killer, however.

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