Re: VITE VT-111 ordered


Having seen / used / sold again the Vita VT-111...
Actually, not a bad little receiver at "more or less rock bottom price" ...a fair performer both short and long term.

HOWEVER, I must say that a tenderly used or new Tecsun PL-380 or PL-390 (the FM Stereo capable unit) DSP's runs almost-rings around the Vita unit, covers more frequency(s), better specs overall, more useful features / LCD display, and they are not that big, either, regardless of the so-called R-111 dimensions, as the PL-380 is about the Vita size, and the PL-390 not much larger..
Yes, really...and very much worth at least an inspection up-close if at all possible.

Understood of course, the Tecsun's will cost more, used or new. Compared to the Vita and other like units, they appear in print and physical short and long-term use to be very well worth it.

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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