Re: Tecsun R-909TV

Ken Kizer

I've just started seeing these at eBay. Essentially AM/FM/VHFTV (2-13).
Theres no SW or dedicated USA Weather channels. Price comparable to
a Tecsun R-911, and in fact looks like a R-911, but the tuning dial indicates
the two VHF bands (2-6, and 7-13). Price looks like US$15.

Anyone got one of these?
No, but looking at the dial face, it looks like this is a set for the
Chinese market? It only goes to 1610 on AM, and the two TV bands are
channels 1-4 and 6-12 (channel 5 is somewhere around 92mhz). I don't
know if it receives the audio from our HDTV system.

Paul S. in CT

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