Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Logs // Month of March 2016

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

March was quite an amazing month for adding new entries to the Ultralight Radio DX Logbook. Here are some of the 23 new ones added during the month

1550 khz - WITK - Pittston, Pennsylvania 23:40 UTC 3/3/16 w/ Religious talk by Sister Coreson , Reading from Matthew :Chapter 20,
 Station ID at 23:55 UTC , Weather Forecast
 "Radio That Changes The Way You Live, 1550 WITK Pittston, Scranton and Wilkes-Barre " // Streema web audio feed also

1560 - KNZR - Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA 9:45 UTC 3/4/16 w/ Coast to Coast AM , Taxi ad, San Joaquin Valley Accounting Ad, "1560 KNZR 97.7 FM Bakersfield " ID

( heard under WFME New York on signal peaks and quiet periods)

1110 - WJML - Petoskey, MICHIGAN 8:50 UTC 3/4/16 w/ Overnight America program w/ John Grayson, talk about Astronomy , ad for Hamel's Floor Coverings in Petoskey, Mill Street Pizza ad , "Petoskey's News Giant, 1110 & 1210 " ID ,

 576 khz - ALGERIA - Radio Algerienne Chaine 1 , Kenadsa/ Bechar 3:20 UTC 3/7/16 w/ two men in discussion in Arabic about current world affairs and mention of some Middle East countries // Streema online audio feed

1600 khz - WMQM - Lakeland , Tennessee 9:50 UTC 3/7/16 w/ "The Power Hour" with host speaker Joyce, religious talk , various ads, "Liberty News Radio"
 " WMQM Lakeland - Memphis " ID at 10:00 UTC then into Town Hall program

( heard on peaks under and mixing with WUNR Brookline, Mass at times

1420 khz - WBEC - Pittsfield, Massachusetts 7:50 UTC 3/12/16 w/ Fox Sports Radio programming , Station ID mentioned on break
 " AM 1420 WBEC". ads and promos

(Signal mixing with and peaking over CKDY Digby, Nova Scotia at times )

1550 khz - WKBA - Vinton, Virginia 10:30 UTC 3/18/16 w/ Enjoying Everyday Life program with Joyce Meyer,

talk about "relieving your stress, delegate tasks to others and don't do things all yourself, let people help you" , ID before show , mention of 1390 AM and 106.7 FM as well // tunin(dot)com audio online feed

1410 khz - KQV - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 8:00 UTC 3/21/16 w/ ID "KQV Pittsburgh" then into ABC News, promo for World News Tonight , Health Hotline promo , then into Red Eye Radio program // online audio feed

Signal mixing with and peaking over WPOP Hartford, Connecticut at times

1230 khz - WNEZ - Manchester, Connecticut 1:10 UTC 3/25/16 w/ Spanish talk, easy listening song vocals in Spanish , Latina Romantica ID's by man // tunein(dot)com online audio feed
 ( Signal peaking for a few minutes at a time then fading again repeatedly, mixing with WGUY Maine and CFGN Port-Aux-Basque , NL on the frequency )

1161 khz - EGYPT - ERTU Mid Delta Radio, Tanta 21:55 UTC 3/28/16 w/ Arabic talk by man until 21:59 then Egyptian National Anthem and sign off

1330 khz - WYRD - Greenville, South Carolina 1:10 UTC 3/29/16

w/ "ESPN Upstate" ID's , ads on breaks for Jersey Mike's, Stamps dot com, ESPN program promos , talk about Basketball

(heard through WRCA Massachusetts and mixing with at times )

1320 khz - WDMJ - Marquette, Michigan 9:30 UTC 3/29/16 w/ Coast to Coast AM program, " Newstalk 13-20 WDMJ / WIAN 12-40" ID's , ShelterPet(dot)org promo, ads, return to Coast to Coast AM

Signal very strong all alone on the frequency for a while.

1224 khz - IRAN - IRIB World Service Arabic Radio, Kish 21:40 UTC 3/30/16 w/ man in Arabic commentary , numerous mentions of Iran // MWList(dot)org link to webpage audio feed (with delay)
 Signal in strong for a brief 5 minutes, then still audible but weaker under COPE Spain.

1467 khz - MONACO - Radio Maria via Col de la Madone relay, 5:25 UTC 3/31/16 w/ religious talk in French by woman, ID, short musical interludes between talk // Streema online audio feed

Receivers:  Sony SRF-37W and Sony SRF-39FP  barefoot mode

Ultralight Radio Total as of April 4/ 2016

Stations Heard @ 1367

  Allen Willie VOPC1AA
  Carbonear, Newfoundland

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