3" FSL Tecsun PL-380 TP-DX Recordings for 3-11 (Cont.)

Gary DeBock

After recording the best-ever signals received from 594-JOAK and 603-HLSA on the stand-alone 3" FSL-enhanced PL-380 yesterday morning a Sony ICD-SX68 digital recorder accidentally fell into a temporarily flooded part of the back yard (water and mud), apparently knocking it out permanently. Nothing could bring it to life for 14 hours. After a thorough disassembly, dry-out and cleaning by a fanatical Navy-trained technician the model apparently decided that the technician was more stubborn than it was, and finally yielded the lost recordings (along with full operating function).  The MP3 of 603-HLSA at 1337 was far and away the best signal that this tiny stand-alone model has ever received from the station, as is the recording from 594-JOAK at 1343.
594  JOAK   Tokyo, Japan   Japanese male speech at good level at 1343; best 594 signal ever received on this model
603  HLSA   Namyang, S. Korea   Lionel Ritchie's "Say You, Say Me" at good level at 1337, followed by KBS2's deep-voiced male
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
Stand-alone 3" FSL Tecsun PL-380 Ultralight
(Photo of it receiving 603-HLSA in the predawn darkness this morning

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