Re: Is there a "lightweight class?" Sony SRF-T615

Guy Atkins

Hi Keith,

I share your enthusiasm for the PR-D5 and the newer model PR-D15.

A couple months ago I purchased both the D5 and D15 to try out for close comparisons of DXing performance, features, and ergonomics. 

For me, the D15 won out easily. It surpassed the D5 in half of the DXing tests of selectivity, and was always equal and often better in terms of sensitivity. The handle of the D15 makes a big difference for ease of use in my opinion.

The D5 was returned to Amazon but the D15 is a keeper and I use it every day. On a recent visit to the Oregon coast I had fun pulling in some TPs with the barefoot D15, as well as with my SDRs and other radios along for the trip. I'm finding the D15 to be very versatile and useful. Rarely do I find a radio to be just as adept at everyday, common use around the house as it is a DXing receiver!


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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