Re: Is there a "lightweight class?" Sony SRF-T615

keith beesley

I love my PR-D5s! I have a white one I bought new several years ago, and a black one I found recently in a thrift store for $5! (for some reason, radios often seem to come to me in twos). Both work perfectly and they're among my favorite "general purpose" radios--great reception, good sound (better on FM than AM), easy to carry around from room to room or outside on a nice day. 

A similar radio I like a lot is the Sangean H201 "shower radio," far more than just an average bathroom radio. Sturdy build, reception as good or almost as good as the PR-D5 despite having only a small wire antenna for FM, and it also gets the NOAA weather forecasts. 

Keith Beesley
Seattle WA 

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