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Gary DeBock

Hi Jerry,
<<<   I am going to use Sill Seal, 5 1/2" width found at
Menard's, by Plymouth Foam Co.    >>>
You are of course welcome to use any type of foam that you wish, but already one DXer tried using window sill foam instead of the Oatey foam, and ended up with seriously reduced MW sensitivity as a result. The model's MW sensitivity was fully restored when the window sill foam was replaced with the Oatey foam.
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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I am going to use Sill Seal, 5 1/2" width found at

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         I've looked at several local Home Depots and Lowe's for the foam closet spacers and have had no luck, I've even checked the website and they only list the 4x82 foot sections. So I may have to take you up on your offer. Please let me know your email address and we can coordinate.



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