Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 3-5

Gary DeBock

It was an excellent Asian morning on the low band during sunrise enhancement today, with several less common TP's coming out of the noise to reach fair levels. 603-China and 657-Pyongyang (with a weak TP co-channel) were the main attractions early on around 1410, but 639-CNR1 and 738-BEL2 (presumed) also joined them after 1430. 603-HLSA also came out of the noise around 1425 to dominate China for the rest of the session. The combination of relatively obscure TP's and competing receiver/ antenna setups (the CC Skywave inductively boosted by a 15" FSL, and a "barefoot" 3" FSL Tecsun PL-380 model) made for an exciting morning. The "Science Fiction PL-380" once again proved that it is pretty competitive in all-out TP-DXing, managing a surprising reception of 603-China at 1410-- hardly routine DX on a hand-held portable far from the ocean.
My session started off at 1355 with the Asian propagation already in full swing, as both the Japanese big guns on 594, 693, 747 and 828 and the Korean regulars on 972 and 1566 set the pace with good signals in and out. 1593-CNR1 was also fair to good early on but fizzled quickly. Already the low band frequencies of 558, 603, 657 and 738 were managing audio, however, and these continued to become more interesting as daylight increased. 657-Pyongyang's elderly tirade woman was dominating a TP co-channel (Henan?) at 1408, while 603-China reached a fair level at 1410 all by itself. Although its signal wasn't exactly overpowering the Chinese female speech was clearly audible on the FSL-enhanced PL-380-- a major surprise. 639-CNR1 and a presumed 738-BEL2 also built up strength to fair levels shortly thereafter but were troubled by domestic splatter on both antenna setups.  603-HLSA took over the frequency from a fading China around 1425 but there was a low-level 603 mix for the duration of the propagation. Overall the morning was one of the best in recent memory, and it will be interesting to read the other reports.
603  China  (Hulun Buir?)  Fair Chinese female speech at 1410 (CC Skywave and 15" FSL)
603  China  (Hulun Buir?)  Same signal on the "barefoot" 3" FSL Tecsun PL-380 handheld model
603  HLSA  Namyang, S. Korea  Korean vocal music dominating over China at 1427 (CC Skywave and 15" FSL)
603  HLSA  Namyang, S. Korea  Same signal on the "barefoot" 3" FSL Tecsun PL-380
657  Pyongyang BS   Pyongyang, N. Korea   Elderly tirade woman shouting above more sedate co-channel (Henan?) at 1408
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick CC Skywave + 15" FSL
3" FSL Tecsun PL-380

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