Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Logs March 2-3

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

It's been a good week here in the North Atlantic with 4 new additions to the Ultralight radio logbook including Oregon for USA State # 43 heard on Ultralight radio.

1350 khz - WEZS - Laconia, New Hampshire 1:55 UTC  3/2/16 w/ Election primaries talk, then into ads, "Newstalk 1350 WEZS " ID, Fox News and Fox News Radio ID , weather for the Lakes Region, then back into talk show ( signal in the clear then mixing with CKAD Nova Scotia )

Ultralight Station # 1344

1590 khz - WCSL - Cherryville, North Carolina 8:50 UTC 3/2/16 w/ country songs by Blake Shelton and Jamie O'Neal, promo by Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown "You're listening to our kind of Country", Legal ID by man "1590 WCSL" then into Michael Ray song.

Ultralight Station # 1345

1530 khz - WVBF - Middleborough , Massachusetts 23:00 UTC 3/2/16  w/ weather Forecast, mention of Massachusetts , ID and mention of other associated stations, then into talk about Trump , situation in Libya , then talk about EU and economics // tunein(dotcom) web audio feed

Ultralight Station # 1346

1640 khz - KDZR - Lake Oswego, OREGON 7:15 UTC 3/3/16 w/ Talk show with discussion about the Free Masons, then into "Portland's Home For Talk, Talk 16-40", Ad for Gresham Ford, "News, Talk, Business... Talk 1640" ID

Heard coming through weak to fair during WTNI - Mississippi signal fades

  Ultralight Station # 1347

  Receivers:  Sony SRF-M37W and SRF-39FP  barefoot

    Good DX to All,

  Allen Willie VOPC1AA
  Carbonear, Newfoundland
  47'44"15N  53'11"46W
  Grid Square GN37JR  

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