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Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

On 26.02.16 22:08, Russ Edmunds wb2bjh@... [ultralightdx] wrote:
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So, in short, no demand, no receivers.
Russ Edmunds
In short : good fortune for US listeners to AM !

In the UK we are being coerced into procurement of
DAB radios. Expensive. Temperamental reception due
to 225MHz propagation. Many need tethering to an
external antenna. High battery consumption, so additionally
tethered to a mains-outlet. Due to low data rates,
audio quality is often inferior to FM. The main
"advantage" seems to be the increased number of
sound-alike music stations. Hmm... Of course,
we have some digital radio on the television receiver.
And, of course, we have thousands of stations on
webradio, but that requires an expensive
wi-fi radio or computer+hifi and is fiddly to set up
and tune in - compared to an instant two-knob
battery-drain AM radio. Sigh...

Ain't progress GREAT :-)


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