Re: CC Skywave for Christmas

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Confused I am.

In the US, are there digital transmissions in the AM
(medium wave) band? If so, as this posting suggests, where is more
information to be found? Is DRM or another format in use?


On 26.02.16 01:26, Bruce Conti contiba@... [ultralightdx] wrote:
. . .
You'll see the carrier center frequency of 1030 kHz, the
analog content covering +/- 5 kHz from the center frequency, and then
the strongest digital content covering +/- 10 to 15 kHz from the center
frequency. There is additional low-level digital content covering the
'empty' space between the analog and digital, but it's insignificant and
only a nuisance if close to the transmitter site.

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