Re: 1330 kHz station, playing Jazz, Show Tunes, and music from the 1940s & 1950s.

Gary Vance

They never ID. Right now they are playing "MacNamara's Band".


Thanks guys. I never suspected my Mystery Station could be WKTA Evanston, IL.

I’ve heard them before, but it’s when they are broadcasting Polish or Russian.


Paul Juarez, thanks. "MacNamara's Band" is a tune I have heard at least three times in my quest to ID the Mystery Station.

I have heard Louis Armstrong “The Dummy” Doris Day “By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon” and Perry Como songs. 


Jim Rittenhouse, I too, suspected it might be 1330 WANG.

When I go to Tune In,  they report “No streams available” for 1330 WANG.


I can’t find any active online streams for WKTA or WANG. 


Plenty of sites will take you to WANG and WKTA but they all report errors when I attempt to listen.


John, thanks for in information about the station.


And to my friend Rob Ross, thank you for goading me into joining this group.

You guys, may have saved my sanity.


73 Gary Vance Grand Ledge, MI.



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