Re: 1330 kHz station, playing Jazz, Show Tunes, and music from the 1940s & 1950s.

Jim Rittenhouse

Doing a quick format check of 1330 kHz in your wider area, Iowa-Boston-Virginia-Kentucky-Minneapolis and not coming up with anything outside some odd stuff on WRCA Boston.  Checking Canada....

Jim Rittenhouse
Lisle, IL USA 60532

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I’m hoping someone can give me a clue about a station I hear on 1330 kHz.

Almost every night, and every morning, until an hour after local sunrise, I hear a station that plays Jazz and music from the 1940s & 1950s.

The station plays one old tune after another.

Occasionally they will play a Michael Bublé tune. But it will always be a Standard from the 40s or 50s.

I don’t hear stations breaks or commercials.

If my mystery station would just ID every now and then, I know I could log them.

The station plays non-stop music, they even blow past  the ToH and BoH without IDing.

Another problem to identifying this station, is 1320 kHz WILS, a 25 kW / 1.9 kW station that is located less than 8 miles from my QTH.

WILS is a talk station and it’s not a big problem, until they go to breaks for news, weather or commercials.

Then they broadcast music during every break, it causes splatter on 1330 and 1310 kHz. 

Sometimes the mystery stations comes in so well, I figure other DXers hear it too.

Any ideas what I am hearing?

BTW, I know it isn’t WEBO Owego, NY. Sometimes I can hear WEBO  over or under the Mystery Station. Besides, WEBO’s Oldies. aren’t as old as the Oldies played on my Mystery Station.


73 Gary Vance Grand Ledge, MI


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