Re: FWD From Jerry Popiel-- Completion of 3" Bar FSL Tecsun Pl-380 Project

Paul Juarez

Hi Jerry,
Try changing from 9 kHz to 10 kHz. Look in the PL380 for the instructions on how to complete the change. If you do not have the user guide for the radio, Google it and download. As soon as you make the change you will be able to tune up to 1700 KHz. I hope this helps you
Thank you and best regards,
Paul Juarez
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How do you tune up to 1700 kHz? My PL380 stops at 1620? 

Jerry  WWØE

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This is forwarded from Jerry Popiel of Winnipeg, Manitoba, regarding the successful completion of his "Science Fiction PL-380" construction project. Jerry is the second DXer to successfully complete one of these, after my long-time tech buddy Steve Ratzlaff completed one in January. 
Testing Results - No High End Distortion??
Gary, the tests I have run over the last 3 days have been nothing short of astounding or almost science fiction as you have commented. I am not seeing any high band distortion you had mentioned since I have picked up station KBGG at 1700 kHz in Des Moines Iowa - 454 miles away. On Friday night it was there for over half an hour with a signal quality of up to 37/21 - I got so excited I took a picture of the reception see below.  Also Station KDMT Denver 1690 kHz (1118 miles distance) was received  with a signal quality of up to 37/18. Any idea why no distortion - at least not so far - or could it be the 660/46 wire? 

Nulling and Sharpness and Bandwidth Options:
I can turn the Radio left to right or up and down and completely null out a stn or even pick up a new stn. This is just amazing & actually quite unbelievable at times. All of the stations in Saskatchewan i.e. CKRM Regina 620 kHz  Regina  (354 miles away) and all the daily North Dakota stations at 710, 740, 790 kHz  are being received like locals. Also as you mentioned when you switch the PL-380 as low as the 1 kHz BW setting the reception gets better again. 

Gary, one thing is for sure - you have really created something special here and I hope many others will benefit from your new super designed mini FSL’s.  The weight of the PL-380 with the new Antenna is a bit heavy - luckily I can use the Plastic sides as handles but at least it is portable. Ideally something lighter would probably be better. Can’t wait to hear about your new 5 - 100mm Bar design and how many turns of wire will it require?
See pics I will try to send, your comments would be very much appreciated. 


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