Re: CC Skywave for Christmas

Paul Juarez

Hi Vance,
I got my CC Skywave on Christmas also. Yes, I run barefoot and am very pleased with its sensitivity and selectivity. Living in a condo here in Chicago this little guy really performs. I live about 10 miles away from four 50kw stations. No images or problems three of the stations have Iboc HD signals. So a lot of co-channel Iboc hash. But only the two channels next to each are affected. Like you I am really impressed with the little guys reception. It out receives my Sony 2010. During the day I receive WLW 700 From Cincinnati barefoot next to an outside window. Thank you for your report. Like you I am really impressed with the Skywave receive on the AM band. Well worth the 90 bucks I paid for it. The other radios that come close to the receive on AM is my PL390 and the Kaito 1103. However, they both have longer internal AM antennas.
Thank you for your report and best regards,
Paul Juarez
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