CC Skywave for Christmas

Gary Vance

My wife gave me a CC Skywave for Christmas.

I love the little guy.

Most of my radios are female. But the Skywave, is a hard working son of a gun.


I live in Mid-Michigan, and there are two stations I couldn’t hear at my QTH, unless I used a radio that had selectable SSB or Sync detection.


This Saturday, using the Skywave, I heard both stations.


I heard, 660 kHz WMIC Sandusky MI and 680 kHz WDBC Escanaba MI, on an honest to goodness ultralight radio.


Both stations are obscured by IBOC hash, from Chicago’s 670 kHz WSCR.


On my SSB radios, I discovered I could circumvent WSCR’s IBOC hash, using the side band towards the offending 670 kHz signal.

For the 660 kHz station, I use USB, for the 680 kHz station LSB.


I decided to pretend the Skywave had SSB.

Lo and behold, I heard WMIC on 662 kHz with the filter set on the 2 kHz wide mode.

Then I heard WCBC on 678 kHz using the same bandwidth setting.


I’ll be darned, the first time I ever heard those stations at this location without SSB,

As good as my other URLs are, they can’t dig out either of these stations.

The only down side to my Skywave is the hyper active AGC. I wish I could tone it down a bit.

Other than that, the Skywave is one heck of a radio.


73 G. Vance


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