Re: Advice for a newbie


I use a 500 foot unterminated Beverage to hear European LW broadcasts. It points ENE, which I think heads more toward Northern Europe, certainly not toward France. I am about 60 miles inland from Boston harbor, but you may be closer to 550 miles inland from the Atlantic. In my experience radio waves travel better along water such as the Great Lakes and The St. Lawrence river, but as I said you are a long way inland. I used to use a temporary BOG antenna which I would lay across my field after mowing season, but some run very temporary BOG antennas just for a night or maybe a week if possible at some remote location.

Others in this group have LW FSL antennas, maybe they could work for you, I really don't know.

Could you tell me how to get my GP-5/SSB into LW? I thought you had to select 9 KHz. steps which I did, but  it still will not tune below MW. Technically a GP-5/SSB is not an ULR because it has SSB by the way.  I was able to hear some LW broadcasts from I believe the Middle East on my other ULR's with a temporary BOG heading SE a few years ago. That was the PL-360 or the PL-310.


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