Re: Is LW / Long-wave area dead ?

Bob Coomler

Sadly, Keith, the chances for Asia are practically zip.  Radio Rossii had several longwave broadcast stations in the eastern part of Russia that were frequently audible on our left coast, but these were closed down about two years ago. The 279 kHz outlet was pretty much in nightly when I lived in northern California and was not rare after moving to southern Arizona.  They had nice programming and really didn't interfere with NDB DXing.  In northern Cal,  several LW European stations would occasionally pop in.  There is a bazillion watt station in, I believe, Morocco that one night was literally arm chair copy; I took off the headphones and invited my wife in to listen on the speaker.  Your NW neighbors can give you suggestions, but the key is keep the faith!  GL.

Bob Coomler W7SWL
Tucson, AZ

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It would be fun to hear some broadcast stations on LW. From my area, I only hear nav beacons and images of MW stations. There supposedly are LW broadcast stations from Russia and Mongolia that are audible on the U.S. west coast from time to time, but I've never managed to snare one.

Beacons, however, are interesting because of how different ones pop in and out at different hours of the day and night, and at different seasons. One winter night a few years ago, I actually heard one at about 520 kHz at the bottom of the AM dial on a GE Superadio :-).

Keith B.
Seattle WA USA


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What frequency do you hear Ireland on? I was never able to hear it on the listed frequency from North East USA, I think around 250 KHz? Maybe it is lower power than domestic BBC on 198 or directional to Europe.

Unfortunately I speak no other language than English. Of the 7+ LW stations I heard last night, one was BBC, and one sounded Middle Eastern judging by both music and voices. All the rest sounded like French to me. One played classical music with long periods of talk between cuts, and the rest played various sorts of popular music, some songs had English lyrics, but I did not recognize any singers or songs.

FARMERIK the North East [CT] USA

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