Re: Compare Tecsun PL-606 to the PL-380

Russ Edmunds

For me, the external antenna input was key. For my use for AM and FM, I see no substantial differences between the older 310 and the ETM.

Russ Edmunds
15 mi NW Phila
Grid FN20id

AM: Modified Sony ICF2010's (2) barefoot w/whip
FM: Yamaha T-80 & T-85, each w/ Conrad RDS Decoder;
Onkyo T-450RDS; Tecsun PL-310 ( 2);
modified Sony ICF2010 w/APS9B @ 15';
Grundig G8 w/whip; modified Sony ICF2010 w/whip

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 12:32 PM, Oliver Lomax olom@... [ultralightdx] <ultralightdx@...> wrote:

The only reason why one would prefer the 310 over the 380 is the fact it has an antenna socket.

I've had the 310, the 310ETM and the 380. The older 310 is sighly better than the ETM version and equal in terms of performance to the 380.

If you carry the set around a lot prefer the 380, on both my 310 the tuning knob got lost. On the 380 you can't lose it.

Le 22/01/2016 15:49, farmerik@... [ultralightdx] a écrit :


I had both the 390 and 310 and preferred the 310 and liked the 310ETM even better for my uses on AM FM and SW. Never had the 380 myself though. Based on Gary's reviews comparing the 310 and 380 I chose the 310 for some reason I forget. This of course is just another opinion. I do not chase 9KHz stations from my inland location in CT.  I also think the stock 310 is much better than a stock 360 or GP-5/SSB barefoot, but it is so easy to use any sort of wire or loop connected directly to those two models.- FARMERIK

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