Re: Compare Tecsun PL-606 to the PL-380



Thank you for bringing he PL-390 to our attention.

Although the PL-390 does not do SSB reception, I had an opportunity to handle a new one for about an hour, and I must agree with you...the performance is surprisingly sensitive and devoid of "odd-ball problems", and the unit makes a fine "good for a lot of people" LW / AM (MW) / SW and FM receiver in my humble opinion.

And yes, it certainly appears as two-speaker "version" of the PL-380, yet the 390 definitely seems improved in many performance areas over the PL-380.

It's an interesting find, and I may add one to my Tecsun PL-660 that I really like as well.

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA
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<<  I bought the Tecsun PL390. It is very hot on Shortwave-AM-FM. I was impressed with the way it receives. I live here in Chicago land about 5 miles away from WBBM,  WSCR, WGN and I  am about 2 miles away from a 50 kw station on 1160. I don't have any images on this radio. There are no strange DSP birdies on this radio either. There is also a way to turn off the muting and Agc circuit on the Internet. >>

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