Compare Tecsun PL-606 to the PL-380

Dave Hascall

Hello Gary and fellow ULR enthusiasts!

As some of you may remember, I purchased a Tecsun PL-606, to augment my Eton e-100 and to take advantage of the Tecsun's adjustable bandwidth.  Since I live in a bi-level home, I have one on each floor.  

Gary warned me about the freakish tuning that the Tecsun uses with no tuning knob or direct frequency entry.  While the adjustable bandwidth has netted me a few new stations, I have been frustrated by the tuning oddities of the PL-606.  The fact thatr there is no way of setting the light to stay on, is another issue.

Having read lots about the PL-380, I am considering replacing the PL-606 with the PL-380.

Here are some questions that I have (yes I downloaded a PL-380 manual but some things are not clear to me.  Maybe it's me but maybe it's the way the writer translated it):

How does the PL-380 compare to the 606 in terms of barefoot sensitivity?  And how does the 380 compare to my e-100 bf?

Is there a frequency up/down button  to advance in 10 KHz steps?  I use this on my e-100, as my main way of flipping through the band.   Tuning knobs usually deafult to 1 KHz steps until you spin it long/ fast enough

Is there a direct way of entering a frequency?  There is on my e-100 and it's the fastes way for me to hop from say 700 to 1340.

Can I make the light stay on longer than 3 seconds?  Another drawback on the 606.

Many thanks!

Dave Hascall
Dave in Indy

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