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Thanks for posting the link to your article. In all that I've read about the FSL, I haven't seen any "directivity" comparisons given between the various implementations. Your thoughts.


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Hi Farmerik,
<<<   Tell me more about this 'Sensitivity Rating' please.    >>>
The FSL "sensitivity rating" formula was determined after detailed A/B experimentation with 8 different FSL test models in 2012. The full details are contained in the article posted at 
The "coil diameter times ferrite length" sensitivity rating system only applies for true FSL antennas using the same type of Litz wire, same ferrite permeability and the same construction components. As such, there is no way to judge the sensitivity rating of your antenna compared to FSL antennas, Farmerik.
73, Gary deBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
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Tell me more about this 'Sensitivity Rating' please. For example, my toroid stack uses  3 inch coils over a 13.5 inch long stack. What would that rate? It has very sharp peaks when pointed exactly at a station, but does not null out completely other stations a few degrees off to the sides. I hear a much improved S/N exactly at one direction on the target station though. And compared to my short 500 foot BOG most all other weak  stations on a frequency disappear, since the short BOG is not terribly directional at most AM BCB frequencies I think. - FARMERIK

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