Re: Backup 3" FSL Tecsun PL-380 Design (with 62mm ferrite bars)

Nick Hall-Patch

Your observation of superior nulling ability with the stubby FSL antenna is very interesting Gary.   One of the most intriguing aspects of the old SRF-59 in my recollection was that in spite of its tiny size, it had very good nulling capability.

Is it a rule of thumb that a stubby antenna has better nulling capabilities?  (though a single rod hasn't much signal pickup overall)

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The design uses 15 of the smaller 62mm x 12mm x 4mm ferrite bars, and ends up being slightly more lightweight than the 100mm ferrite bar model (see photo). Like its larger 100mm bar FSL sibling the model seems to have an exceptional nulling capability, possibly because of the unusual, stubby shape for a hard-wired antenna coil-- something which hasn't been tried in loopsticks since radios were created. This new model can put all of my Seattle semi-locals down in the noise, and most of the Tacoma semi-locals as well. Further experimentation in these short, stubby antenna coils may well breed a new class of portable radios with a breakthrough mission-- "pest control."

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