Re: Backup 3" FSL Tecsun PL-380 Design (with 62mm ferrite bars)

Everett N4CY

There are several articles that I have posted in the files section of URL that cover my experiments and builds.
Everett N4CY
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If you will remember I did many experiments using the 64 X 12 X 4 mm ferrite bars and built several
stellar performing FSLs by butting the bars up to each other. I have used them 2 wide, 3 wide and 4
wide. They were wound with 1 coil, 2 coils, 3 coils and 4 coils. They worked very well in LW, MW and
in the lower part of the tropical bands. I have also used the larger bars 125 X 15 X 4 mm and they
too worked very well and I still have enough of them to build a very nice FSL


Is there any detail of your designs on the group website - or (The Force forefend) elsewhere?
With my snail-band, it is hard to search :-)

I have one more year of French stations on longwave, so a temp-build might be worthwhile.
Medium wave is already all but dead, except for Spain and one from Belgium.
Two MW UK masts developed a top-end bend in recent days. Digital conspiracy ???

2016 may be the year I will turn to Burbon and/or mood-enhancers...


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