3" Bar FSL Tecsun PL-380 Model-- 100mm Ferrite Bars

Gary DeBock

Priority Mail shipments of the 100mm x 20mm x 3mm ferrite bar sets (of 8) have been made to all the DXers in the USA who have ordered and paid for them (Steve, Stan, Les, Ryan and Scott). Individual USPS tracking numbers will be sent by private email. The international shipments to Tony and Claudio should be made shortly.
For others who are interested in the 3" Bar FSL PL-380 project but who have yet to find a source for the 100mm x 20mm x 3mm bars, please wait until the detailed construction procedures for the project have been completed and published (a top priority now). Those who will receive their 100mm ferrite bar shipments this week are advised to wait until these detailed construction procedures are available before starting the procedure.
My Kiwi Ultralight DXing buddy Tony King has tracked down a source of Funnoodles in NZ, so we may be "swimming" in these foam inner cores shortly. I also plan to cut more of the orange plastic FSL antenna frames, as time allows (but you can do this yourself, by following the instructions in the PL-380 "Supercharging" article).
A source for the 100mm x 20mm x 3mm ferrite bars may yet reappear on eBay; those Eastern European sellers have a confirmed habit of "sitting" on stock until they are able to get the price that they want. They have apparently learned the principles of capitalism all too well.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 

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