Re: 8 Years Later and more fun ahead

robert ross

Yes Allen…and in those 8 Years, you have eclipsed all reasonable boundaries of what should be possible using a Pocket Radio!!! You have left us all in the Dust and we all bow to you as one of the ULR DX Greats!!! It looks like we may have created an East Coast ULR Monster without even realizing it!! HAHAHHAHHA…..

Glad you have had such great fun Allen, after all, that is what the Hobby is all about…having Fun!! And we've had great fun reading all of your amazing Logs from the Rock!! Keep up the good work and many more years with your trusted M37V……


Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA


On 2016-01-05, at 9:49 PM, vo1_001_swl@... [ultralightdx] wrote:


Hello To All,

Well it was 8 years this week that I was first introduced to Ultralight Radio DXing through the encouragement of the late John Bryant and Ultralight radio extraordinaires, Gary DeBock and Robert Ross . They asked me if I would be interested in posting some logs of what I had been hearing on my newly acquired Sony SRF-M37V  Ultralight . As they say the rest is history.

It has been a fun run here in the North Atlantic DXing along with these great people and marvellous machines searching for distant DX. I look forward to many more wonderful years ahead in this unique niche of the radio DXing hobby.

Good DX to All

Allen Willie

Carbonear, Newfoundland

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