DX Test: 600 WBOB Jacksonville, FL [Corrected]

Brandon Jordan

600 WBOB Jacksonville, FL DX Test

Time/Date: 0500-0800 UTC, Sunday, January 10, 2016
EST: Midnight - 3 AM, January 10, 2016
CST: 11 PM - 2 AM, January 9/10, 2016
MST: 10 - 1 AM, January 9/10, 2016
PST9 - Midnight, January 9, 2016

Mode of Operation:  Daytime antenna pattern, with power  possibly up to 35 kw. Equipment performance during the test  will dictate the maximum transmitter power to be used.  The test will include morse code, sweep tones, big band  & orchestral music, and selected program audio.

QSL Information: Reception reports are only accepted  via  e-mail, and can be submitted to jerry [at] jerrysmith  [dot]  net.  Correct reports will be answered with an e-QSL  by  Station Engineer Jerry Smith.

Credits: Many thanks to J.D. Stephens of Hampton  Cove, AL  for arranging the test and WBOB Engineer Jerry Smith  for  making this test possible! Please share the details of  this  DX Test with your contacts.

Brandon Jordan
IRCA/NRC DX Test Committee

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