Re: "Spiked" Mini-FSL Antennas

Neil Kazaross

This is great news for many for both affordability and portability!  73 KAZ

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What would happen if someone took the most sensitive Litz wire available on the commercial market and installed it on midget-sized FSL antennas? Would the models simply get a minor boost in sensitivity, or would they become tiny little terrors? Meet two of the new, 2016-model midget FSL's-- designed to provide a major upgrade in both excitement and affordability. 
Although the 2012 version of the 5" FSL antenna (construction article posted at ) was designed to match the performance of a full-sized 4' box loop and has been successfully built by many hobbyists, there have been several newer types of more sensitive Litz wire introduced during the past 4 years. The most sensitive 1162/46 Litz wire was first sold in 2013, and installed immediately on the monster FSL antennas used for Oregon Cliff DXpeditions (with dramatic effect). Until now, though, nobody had tried doing the same thing with mini-FSL antennas.
As it turns out, installation of the super-sensitive Litz wire makes the new 3.7" and 5" diameter FSL models behave much like the Oregon Cliff Monster Loops, with powerful inductive coupling boosts, razor-sharp tuning and astonishing performance. They are also designed to be affordable-- the 3.7" model can be built for under $100 as of this date, and the 5" model for under $130 (design photos attached). These all-new models are designed to incorporate all of the positive component changes over the past 4 years, and help you avoid the negative changes. They are two of the FSL's being introduced in an upcoming experimental article, which will contain full construction details for these and other innovative antenna models. Have a happy and exciting New Year!
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)   

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