Re: Combine FSL and air core? FARMERIK

Gary DeBock

Farmerik and Michael,
Michael is correct. This idea has been tried before (when I was experimenting with PVC air core loops), and was a total dud. The ferrite upsets the reception pattern and symmetry of the air core loop, making it perform like an open clunker.
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Would you expect 4 sharp nulls and 4 sharp pickups?


Visualising the clover pattern of a combined antenna, I would expect softer nulls between
the clover leaves. Any slightly increased Q of the loop would be negated by increased intrusion
due to the ferrites of "unwanted" signals from lateral angles. As stated, due to the near-ideal
figure-of-8 pattern, of either a tuned high-Q loop or of an optimised tuned ferrite antenna
(eg Polydorff litz windings or similar) would be expected to deliver the best peaks and nulls.


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