Re: ForSale: Acom2000a /Elecraft k3/Icom 756/Flexradio 6300

Everett N4CY

However, I might add that none of the below listed equipment is listed on QRZ, which is a bit strange. 
Everett N4CY

On Dec 7, 2015, at 3:30 PM, Everett Sharp everettsharp@... [ultralightdx] <ultralightdx@...> wrote:


He is good on QRZ, name address, call and some of the equipment he has listed is shown on his bio. 

Everett N4CY

On Dec 7, 2015, at 3:22 PM, Will will_k53@... [ultralightdx] <ultralightdx@...> wrote:


According to other groups this is a scam.



On 08/12/15 02:08, larry_rj73@... [ultralightdx] wrote:


I am clearing my shack.

Contact me if you are interested in any of the rigs listed.
Kenwood TS 2000
Kenwood TS 990s

Elecraft K3
Elecraft KX-3

FlexRadio 5000a
FlexRadio 6300

Icom IC 7800
Icom IC 756 Pro III
Icom IC 7000

Acom 2000a
Icom PW-1

Pictures and price available on request.

Alan L Zaur
VT 05602
Email : alanzaur73@...



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